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Freight forwarder in Mexico

We are Hier Logistic Group, a freight forwarder in Mexico and an international logistics company with more than 15 years of experience in international trade. We offer international logistics and freight forwarding services with a consultative, professional approach, and in particular for each of our customers. We understand and provide advice on import and export processes from start to finish.

Our work goes beyond international freight forwarding, logistics operation and customs broker. We accompany our customer in the search and analysis of suppliers, we help identify tariff restrictions, routes, delivery methods, etc. In this way, we can offer complete visibility of the cost of the project, as well as the feasibility of carrying out your business in a timely manner.

More than a freight forward services provider, we aspire to be an expert business partner in foreign trade.

Our vision is to become a business partners of our customers.

We participate in international logistics transactional operations that demand efficiency and knowledge.

Similarly, we work with companies that require greater advice and accompaniment throughout the process from the departure of the goods to their arrival at final destination.

For us there are no small customers, everyone is attended in a professional and efficient way looking for the best results before, during and after the logistic process whatever your business is.

Our experience, service vocation and commercial relations with other important global logistics companies, accredit us as a first level international logistics company and a reliable freight forwarder in Mexico and allow us to be the ideal partner for any need of import and export of goods from Mexico and anywhere in the world.

Consider us a reliable freight forwarder in mexico and an expert on other value added logistics services

Ocean Freight

We offer Bulk cargo services in full vessels (Breakbulk), partial vessels (Part of cargo), Containerized Cargo (FCL), and Consolidated Cargo (LCL). More info

Air Freight

Air freight services are offered from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and the main airports in the world. More info

Inland Freight

We make national deliveries with trucks, thornton trucks, container transport, oversized cargo or small shipments consolidated throughout Mexico. More info

Customs broker

We carry out the legal process of entry or exit of merchandise with the Customs Agencies of our group. More info

Warehouse Services

We offer services of labeling, palletizing, loading and unloading maneuvers, container collection in port and vacuum delivery, receipt of goods and distribution. More info

Consulting in Logistics

We do the free analysis of costs and the feasibility of import or export prior to the completion of the operation. More info

Search of suppliers

We support in the search and analysis of suppliers in Asia for import services. We advise on the selection of suppliers and review of goods from their production in Asia. More info

Other value added logistic services

We support with solvency the customers that do not have an import license through our register of general and sectorial importers. More info

Freight forwarder in Mexico
Freight forwarder in Mexico

"More than a freight forwarder in Mexico,
your expert in international logistics services."

Your merchandise will arrive at its destination 100% secure and on time


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