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Our Logistics,
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International Logistics Services designed to meet the needs of your company with agility, security and profitability in every step of the process.

Hier Logistic Group

We provide customized International Logistics Solutions for freight forwarders, manufacturing companies and medium and large trading companies. Our commitment is to provide support, consulting, and security throughout the process, ensuring smooth and profitable logistics operations. At Hier Logistic Group, your logistics is the measure of our success.

  • Air Freight

Speed and safety for your goods

Export your products quickly and safely from Mexico to destinations around the world. We are an authorized IATA agent to guarantee impeccable air logistics.

  • Ocean Freight

Economy and Flexibility for your cargo

We can help you, with whatever your international shipping needs are, from standard containers to bulk and special cargo.

  • IOR Service

Simplified Management of the IOR Service

Our IOR Service gives you the peace of mind of a smooth process. We take care of all the details, ensuring that your imports meet the requirements.

  • Logistics Solutions

Freight Forwarder in México

We manage all the necessary Freight Forwarder Services, coordinating their execution and procedures with suppliers, simplifying the process for our customers and partners.

Our International Alliances

These alliances allow us to guarantee a first class service, connecting Mexico with the world.

We boost your profitability by optimizing your company’s logistics processes.

Our experience of more than 20 years in the Mexican market, service vocation, and commercial relationships with global logistics companies, accredit us as a first-level International Logistics Company in Mexico and allow us to be the ideal partner for any need of import and export of merchandise to and from any place in the world.

What makes us unique

Find out why we are your best option in International Logistics Services in Mexico

In-depth Knowledge

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to guide clients, outlining the way and pointing out services and procedures for import and export logistics operations.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We understand the speed of global business. We provide technological tools to quote routes, whether by sea or air, and an online system to access shipping documentation.

International Alliances

We are part of a family of prestigious Freight Forwarders. We work with allies to guarantee the delivery of the services we execute at national and global level.

Customs Brokerage

We handle all types of clearances: parcels, containers, land and air cargo. We analyze restrictions, taxes and suggest the optimal declaration of goods.

Special Services

We handle dangerous, oversized and perishable goods, ensuring regulatory compliance and product integrity during transportation.

Complementary Services

We offer customized transportation insurance, import services and factory audits in Asia and Mexico.

“I have more than 12 years working with Hier Logistic Group and at all times I have received the best service and advice, it is a company that understands the needs of its customers and accompanies and advises them to meet their goals at all times.”

Edgar Ávila

Siamatech Wastewater Treatment System

Practical advice to improve your logistics

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“Extraordinary service. Very professional. They are always on top of every shipment and service they provide, attending to any eventuality in a timely manner keeping us informed at all times.”

Tayde Valencia

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