10 hints to choose a good Freight Forwarder in Mexico

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10 hints to choose a good Freight Forwarder in Mexico

Posted by: Arlethe Hernández
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Freight Forwarder en México

“We show you 10 keys to choose a good Freight Forwarder in Mexico and thus have the best logistics and goods transportation service with experience in the Mexican market.”

As an importer or exporter, it is necessary to have the necessary logistical support to ensure delivery and receipt of goods in optimal conditions. For this, the choice of a good freight forwarder is decisive for each shipment. But, what is a Freight Forwarder?

In this sense, making the right decision about the transport company will be vital for the future logistics of your company. For this, we offer you 10 keys to choose a good freight forwarder in Mexico.

What is a Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder also is known as a cargo agent can simply serve as an intermediary between the sending and receiving customer, providing transportation and logistics services necessary for the cargo to successfully reach its destination.

There are different types of Freight Forwarder in Mexico, with value proposals and exclusive services that are adapted to the needs of each client. So if you are just looking for a carrier, finding one will not be complicated. However, choosing a company that meets your needs is what really matters.

Nowadays, there are freight forwarders that provide a more complete service and Mexico is no exception. Such services range from research and planning of the best delivery routes, costs, transit times, negotiations, payments to administrative aspects to optimize dispatches and cost-effectiveness.

10 keys to choose a good Freight Forwarder in Mexico

When choosing a good Freight Forwarder, the priority should not be how many services it offers, but to choose the one that has the logistics solutions that best suit your business needs. To do this, take into consideration these factors that we mention below:


As a main and differentiating aspect, it is necessary to have cargo agents who possess solidity, recognition, own operations and above all experience in the market where your company operates. In this way, you will avoid surprises and will have the support of a first-class logistics partner.

The capacity of diligence in the area

A good logistics provider should provide all the necessary tools to meet the demands and requirements of your business. Therefore, choose the one that provides the service your company needs according to the volume of goods, transportation requirements and a cost that is in line with your budget.

Remember that your logistic partner will be a fundamental piece to grow as a company through its solutions and to get closer to your customers without losing the values and principles of your company.

Communication system and customer service

Within the world of logistics, it is necessary to have a fluid, direct and above all constant communication. It is the responsibility of the transport company to keep the sender of the goods as well as the receiver regularly informed about the status of the cargo and the shipment in general.

However, customer service also plays a decisive role, not only by providing the ease and access to all information related to the goods to customers but being the image of the company that sends the products to the customer who receives.

Updated licenses and permits

It is necessary that all shipping agents in Mexico have the necessary permits and documentation to handle any logistical procedures, as well as any other special transportation licenses as the case may be.

In this sense, having the support of a logistics consultant and their papers in order guarantees quality service, professional and above all first class.

Visibility and transparency in each shipment

Very important are the tools provided by the logistics operator to track the goods through the technological platforms from any device, time and place.

For this reason, it is recommended that the chosen company be sufficiently capable of having a digital and efficient platform that allows it to track its shipments, access the necessary documentation for each one, make reservations, alerts and generate reports on the shipments.

In this way, it will be possible to save time and money for your company, making each delivery profitable and offering a better service.

Should be an excellent advisor

A good Freight Forwarder is one who has the capacity to provide the necessary advice and support through the best options in terms of logistical efficiency.

However, this advice should reach other aspects such as legal requirements, documentation and all that is necessary to move a good and act in the prevention of possible risks that may arise.

 Safety and security of your goods

Risks are always present within logistics, especially if it is an international aspect. Therefore, your Freight Forwarder must be able to analyze each risk factor that may compromise the goods and act on them to prevent them.

It is vital that every shipping agent has insurance policies that support each shipment against unforeseen events that represent a risk to the integrity of the goods. Be sure to choose one that has a protection service to back up your shipments in case of damage or loss.

Organizational Culture

Like any other company, choosing a Freight Forwarder who has a deep-rooted, well-defined organizational culture and is in line with your company will be vital.

In this way, both companies will have the same vision and will work together for a common benefit, as well as providing a better understanding between both parties to obtain great results.

Rates according to your budget

It is always necessary to respect your budget when hiring a Freight Forwarder in Mexico, this will be important to optimize costs and expenses within your company. The idea is to grow as an organization without losing capital.

Additional certifications

As the last point, it turns out to be a very well-received added value that your choice of freight agent has security, anti-corruption policies, and certificates, or if it belongs to an international alliance and ISO certifications regarding the quality, environment and occupational health and safety.

These are aspects that show a good image as an organization and provide credibility, respect, and professionalism to its customers.

Author: Arlethe Hernández

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