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10 Jan
Is the transport I am using to import my product the right one?

The goods nature as well as the level of urgency will influence the choice of the ideal means of import transportation for your goods. In this article we will share some aspects that you should consider to select the ideal means of transport for your import project. This and other important tips can also be...

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10 Jan
Is there a better way to carry out my import process?

Import processes can be optimized and perfected to achieve the best profitability in our merchandise import projects. In this article, we will share some aspects that you should consider to optimize the processes of importing goods and achieve more profitable projects. This and other important tips can also be found in the article: “What I...

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10 Jan
How can I safeguard my import merchandise?

It is important to be aware that accidents happen and not only the means of transportation can suffer damages, but also our merchandise can be damaged, stolen on the way or damaged by a bad maneuver at the time of loading or unloading or by being exposed to inclement weather. In this article, we will...

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03 Jan
Who is responsible if my goods are damaged in transit?

No one is exempt from suffering a loss of their merchandise when it is on its way to its destination. Knowing the terms under which the transportation service was contracted is fundamental to face an unfortunate event like this. That is why clarity in all phases of the project is essential to calculate the risks...

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03 Jan
How to estimate the import costs of my products?

Knowing in advance the expenses I will have to pay for the importation of goods into Mexico is fundamental to have a good total profitability of the project. Before embarking on an import process, it is very important to know those factors over which you will have control and that must be considered when calculating...

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14 Dec
How do I know if my imported goods will arrive in good condition?

Receiving the merchandise you purchased damaged or in poor condition can be one of the most unpleasant and frustrating experiences in the import business. That is why it is of paramount importance to know those factors over which we have control and that can help reduce the risks of the merchandise being damaged due to mishandling or during transportation.

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13 Dec
Avoid problems at customs when importing products into Mexico

Failure to complete an import process on time can have serious consequences for the importer, from the delay of a production line to the total loss of the merchandise if it is a perishable product. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to prevent any contingency that may delay the clearance of the goods. How do...

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06 Dec
Quality control
Check production quality of your imported products

When you are going to import products from other countries it is important to check that the quality of the products is what you are looking for and that your supplier complies with the quality to which it committed. In this article, you will find two tips to avoid unpleasant surprises in this process. This...

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29 Nov
Choosing the right supplier to buy goods abroad

Currently, due to a number of possible reasons such as health risks, travel restrictions, lack of capital, not knowing where exactly to look for the manufacturer of the products we want, it is very common that we search on the Internet, finding a world of possibilities and running the risk of falling into the wrong...

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03 Aug
Six steps for Importing Goods into Mexico

The new international buyer must review not only the price of the product he is going to buy but also a series of points that are important for him/her to buy from a reliable company, the product with the quality he wants and above all that at the end the process is profitable for his...

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