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Check production quality of your imported products

Posted by: Patricia Carrillo
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Quality control

When you are going to import products from other countries it is important to check that the quality of the products is what you are looking for and that your supplier complies with the quality to which it committed. In this article, you will find two tips to avoid unpleasant surprises in this process.

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1.- Ask for a reference sample

If you are going to buy many pieces of a product, make sure you have a sample accepted by you to serve as a reference for production.

This sample must have the quality characteristics you require before you authorize mass production.

Be careful! It is not enough that you like the piece you saw online or at the trade show. It is very important that you write down the details of the technical particularities of what you are looking for, covering the following aspects:

  • Appearance. what it should look like.
  • Size and tolerance levels if applicable. Speak in the same unit of measurement (centimeters or inches, etc.).
  • Packaging (internal and external). Specify the characteristics of the material that you want and that is suitable for your market and for transportation (Remember that freight is paid by volume or weight, whichever is greater). Consider if it must contain protection or prevention elements of any kind such as humidity, corrosion.
  • Compliance with labeling standards. It is very common that the customs of entry do not allow the passage of the products because they do not comply with the label characteristics required by the standards, generating high storage costs while working to resolve the issue. Please contact us for more information.
  • Materials or components. Specify the type and quality of them. For example type of fabric or plastic.

There will be rounds of information exchange and sample modifications until the desired prototype is achieved.

2.- Monitor your supplier’s production

Since you are depositing your investment and trust in the purchase of this product, it is highly recommended that you reinforce the care of quality by making supervision during production.

Agree with the manufacturer the production of 1 to 3 % of the production, to send a professional supervisor who will give you a detailed report with the aim of timely requesting the manufacturer to correct what corresponds. These inspection costs are usually from usd$300 onwards depending on the inspection project.

A foreign trade expert like Hier Logistic Group can help with these steps. We have this professional service through our alliances with audit companies certified in the field and very well qualified in Asian and European countries. Contact us, let us be part of your team to ensure the success of your purchase and import.
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Author: Patricia Carrillo
CEO Hier Logistic Group International Logistics Expert

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