Choosing the right supplier to buy goods abroad

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Choosing the right supplier to buy goods abroad

Posted by: Patricia Carrillo
Category: freight forwarder

Currently, due to a number of possible reasons such as health risks, travel restrictions, lack of capital, not knowing where exactly to look for the manufacturer of the products we want, it is very common that we search on the Internet, finding a world of possibilities and running the risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Therefore, we must be very careful when choosing our future and new supplier.

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Guidelines for choosing a supplier in another country

These are the 4 key aspects to consider when evaluating a supplier with whom you decide to work in another country:

  1. It must be evaluated that the company is legitimate.
  2. It has valid registration documentation.
  3. The commercial focus of the business or factory really covers the products you require.
  4. If they have export certifications and licenses.
  5. Check if they have enough production capacity to meet the quality and quantity that your project demands.



All these aspects could even be mentioned on the supplier’s web page, however, my best recommendation is to leave this task in expert hands.

There are companies specialized in this type of review or audit at a low cost and the economic benefit can be very high if we consider that you will be making a purchase. Besides, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are making a good choice.

In Hier Logistic Group, we have taken care of supporting our customers with this professional service through our alliances with certified auditing companies in the field and very well qualified in Asian and European countries.

Contact us for more inofrmation.

Author: Patricia Carrillo
CEO Hier Logistic Group International Logistics Expert

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