Freight insurance

Freight Insurance

In the import/export processes, there are risks at the time of transporting the goods. These may be due to different causes, but they always represent headaches, delays, or economic losses for whoever is in charge of the project.

The best way to face these unforeseen events is with the support of insurance of the cargo to be transported. This will give you peace of mind and will allow you to recover your investment in case of an accident or loss.

Based on an analysis of your import or export project, and with full knowledge of your business model, type of merchandise, and countries involved in the operation, we can offer you the best insurance for your merchandise.

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    Freight Inssurance

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    We will assist you in the entire process of exporting your merchandise with consulting and impeccable execution. From the identification and generation of the necessary documents for the export to the calculation of all the expenses you will incur for your merchandise to reach its destination, including insurance. This way you will know at all times where your merchandise is, when it will arrive, and what the total cost of your import or export project will be.