How can I safeguard my import merchandise?

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How can I safeguard my import merchandise?

Posted by: Patricia Carrillo
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It is important to be aware that accidents happen and not only the means of transportation can suffer damages, but also our merchandise can be damaged, stolen on the way or damaged by a bad maneuver at the time of loading or unloading or by being exposed to inclement weather.

In this article, we will share with you some points to consider to protect your merchandise in its international journey.
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Four suggestions to protect your merchandise in its international shipment

Once we are aware that our merchandise is at risk when being transported, what we can do is take the necessary precautions to minimize such risks. Here we list some important factors to consider to protect your merchandise when starting an import project.

1.- Packing and crating

If you are the importer, ask your supplier to pack the merchandise well so that it can withstand the journey and the loading and unloading maneuvers it will undergo along the way.

2.- Correct stowage

Do not assume that the seller or carrier will stow the goods correctly.  Ask them to be careful and to send you photos of the goods already loaded in the container or in the truck.

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3.- Do not sign for receipt with an “OK”.

Unless you are sure that everything is OK and complete. It is advisable to sign mentioning: “Received and subject to revision” or to mention if there are damages or missing items.

4.- Get your merchandise insured

There are many insurance options and the costs range from 0.3% to 1% of the value of the merchandise, but in order for it not to be money thrown away, it is not enough to know the cost of the policy, but also to know the coverage and clauses of the insurance.

Depending on the kind of merchandise, the insurer may require that the merchandise be handled under certain conditions in order for the policy to apply in the event of a loss. For example, it could demand that the merchandise travels accompanied by an escort and if you do not know them, you will not contract it and if the merchandise is stolen, the policy will be annulled.

Also, make sure that the validity of the insurance is adequate for the duration of the journey of your merchandise. You don’t want to fall short on sea voyages of several days.

In conclusion, you have to know your insurance policy and do what is necessary so that in case of loss, it applies. If you want to contract the most convenient policy for your merchandise, contact us today.

Minimize your risks with professional international logistics advice and services.

Make sure your logistics service provider uses systems that allow you to know where your goods are at all times. That they guarantee the integrity of the cargo by using certified carriers and use elements such as tax seals or padlocks whenever possible. Check that the cargo is supported by the proper documentation and that they have ensured that the customs part can be processed without problems.

Contact us today and get a free insurance quote for your merchandise.

Author: Patricia Carrillo
CEO Hier Logistic Group International Logistics Expert

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