Inland Freight Transportation

Your Complete Solution in Ground Freight

At Hier Logistic Group, we are members of AMACARGA (Mexican Association of Freight Transportation) and specialists in offering efficient and reliable inland freight transportation solutions, suitable for a variety of needs, from local to international.

Customized Services According to Your Needs

  • Variety in Type of Cargo: We handle general, dangerous goods, perishable, oversized or overweight, adapting to your specific requirements.
  • Flexibility in Volume and Weight: We offer solutions for both large volumes with dedicated trucks (FTL) and small loads from 1 pallet in consolidated service (LTL).
  • Diversity of Destinations: We connect the main cities in Mexico with the United States, Canada and Central America.

Our Specialized Transportation Service Features

  • Specialized Transportation: We have vans, Thorntons, and trucks to transport containers and oversized cargo throughout Mexico.
  • Evaluation and Security: We work with certified carriers, equipped with satellite tracking and rigorously evaluated to guarantee the security of your cargo.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Our operating volume and network of partners ensure competitive costs and efficient handling of your shipments.

Why Choose Us for your Inland Freight Transportation?

  • Expertise and Professionalism: We help you identify the most appropriate transportation service for your needs, with a deep understanding of the customs process and effective coordination for border crossings.
  • Strategic Alliances: We have allies in North and Central America for safe and careful handling throughout the entire journey.
  • Insurance and Custody: We offer contracts with specialized insurance companies and professional road custody solutions when required, guaranteeing maximum security.

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Monitor your shipments online

Efficiency and digital control are fundamental in modern logistics. For this, we have integrated state-of-the-art technology that redefines logistics management in Mexico. With our technological tools you will be able to instantly quote online the routes you handle (General Cargo) and you will have access to our portal where you will be able to visualize all the documentation of present and past shipments as well as the real time status of your shipments.

Would you like identify other buyers of your goods or product in the world?

We offer you technological platforms designed to help you expand your market alternatives.

What makes us unique

Find out why we are your best option in International Logistics Services in Mexico

In-depth Knowledge

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to guide clients, outlining the way and pointing out services and procedures for import and export logistics operations.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We understand the speed of global business. We provide technological tools to quote routes, whether by sea or air, and an online system to access shipping documentation.

International Alliances

We are part of a family of prestigious Freight Forwarders. We work with allies to guarantee the delivery of the services we execute at national and global level.

Customs Brokerage

We handle all types of clearances: parcels, containers, land and air cargo. We analyze restrictions, taxes and suggest the optimal declaration of goods.

Special Services

We handle dangerous, oversized and perishable goods, ensuring regulatory compliance and product integrity during transportation.

Complementary Services

We offer customized transportation insurance, import services and factory audits in Asia and Mexico.

For your frequent routes, we have the best solution for online quotations.