Is there a better way to carry out my import process?

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Is there a better way to carry out my import process?

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Import processes can be optimized and perfected to achieve the best profitability in our merchandise import projects.

In this article, we will share some aspects that you should consider to optimize the processes of importing goods and achieve more profitable projects.

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We must never stop asking ourselves how to improve

And the world of logistics, like almost everything else in life, changes. There are always factors that move and affect logistics. For better or for worse.

So this question should always be in our heads in order to have the ability and openness to inquire if what we are doing is the best for our import project at this time and in terms of the following points:

  • Are we paying what is fair for the service we want to receive, can it be improved?
  • Is the route and way we are using the only one that exists or can it be done in a different way to reach my time objectives?
  • Am I comfortable with the service I am receiving from the suppliers involved in the logistics?
  • Service accessories: Do I need to add or cancel any of the accessories to the logistics service, such as quality or pre-inspections at origin, merchandise insurance, road custody, use of a strategic or fiscal warehouse?
  • Tariff classification of your merchandise: Is your product well classified or could it be classified in a tariff fraction that pays fewer taxes?

A professional and experienced freight forwarder has all the elements in hand to help you make an analysis of what is best for the project according to the stage of the project.  If you would like to talk about it, contact me.

At Hier Logistic we can advise and guide you so you can choose what is best for you and your project. Contact me today and you will receive the best advice.



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