International logistics services, what are they and what do they include?

From the manufacturer’s, supplier’s, or producer’s warehouse to the buyer’s warehouse. What lies in between these two points are the international logistics services. At first glance you might think that it is only about transportation services from one point to another, however, that’s not all.


The logistics services required to move goods between countries should include the following aspects:

Basic general logistics services

  • Inland freight to pick up the goods at the exporter’s or seller’s warehouse in the country of origin.
  • Export customs clearance.
  • International freight (sea, air, or land).
  • Import customs clearance in the country of destination.
  • Inland freight of delivery in the country of destination.

Complementary logistics services

Professional logistics services should also include:

  • Quality audits in production
  • Merchandise insurance
  • Road custody
  • Use of bonded warehouses
  • Use of verification units
  • Use of strategically located warehouses for
  • Imports or exports in favor of a third party
  • Reconditioning of cargo
  • Change of transport cargo
  • Tagging
  • Waiting until the customer has space in his warehouse, etc.

The way to ensure that your project includes all the necessary and correct services to meet your needs is to involve a logistics services specialist who can offer logistics consulting that identifies the following important elements:

  • The international buying and selling incoterm,
  • The level of urgency of the project
  • The routing alternatives
  • Transportation alternatives
  • The correct insurance
  • If any warehousing should be integrated
  • Customs entry
  • Solving customs issues, etc.

In short, to ensure that the transfer from the producer’s warehouse or domicile to the buyer’s warehouse is a success.


As you can see, international logistics services involve many elements and players that sometimes we do not take into account. The advice of an international logistics expert will help you to see your international logistics project from start to finish, to weigh costs and risks; so that you can evaluate all the factors that make your project profitable or not.

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