Having a Freight Forwarder in Mexico for the international transportation of goods is essential for Asian companies interested in entering the Mexican market.

The Asian market is characterized as being highly competitive since it has an advanced manufacturing industry, both in product quality and quantity. Taiwan, China, and Korea stand out in this region.

However, intense competition is driving many companies to enter other markets in order to achieve greater growth and greater profitability.

In this context, Mexico is emerging as one of the most attractive markets; in fact, the Mexican economy is the 15th largest in the world.

However, there are many aspects that differentiate the Asian market from the Mexican market, so it is essential that when exporting products to this country, it is done with the support of experts in international logistics.

The best alternative today in terms of logistics services are those offered by Freight Forwarder, a term that refers to international logistics companies that are responsible for carrying the goods safely to a particular destination and with the best advantages in terms of time, safety, and price.

What is a Freight Forwarder?

They are Freight Forwarders, who offer everything related to logistics services for a given merchandise to reach a destination, providing assistance in terms of transportation, distribution and all the necessary international logistics.

In other words, Freight Forwarders are in charge of facilitating the different contracts that were previously made with shippers, airlines, carriers, customs brokers, and others. They are not only freight forwarders, but a work team with expertise in the selection, negotiation, and contracting of suitable suppliers, as well as in guaranteeing a work of coordination and liaison to ensure that the merchandise reaches the destination required by each client.

Freight Forwarders are intermediaries in charge of selling space in shipping containers in exchange for a much lower rate than that of hiring a full shipping line. They are, therefore, professional international logistics companies that transport medium or large cargo, offering a comprehensive service to meet the needs of each importer or exporter.

Benefits of hiring a Freight Forwarder in Mexico

Obviously, not all Freight Forwarders are equal in terms of the quality of logistics services they provide. But, working with a good Freight Forwarder can bring different benefits to companies, making them more profitable and accelerating their growth.

Among the aspects you should consider when choosing the best Freight Forwarder are:

  • Validate if they offer advice to the customer to identify the best route, taking into account tariff and non-tariff restrictions that must be covered for customs compliance.
  • Offering the best service conditions, costs, or rates according to the volume of cargo operated.
  • Hiring reliable service providers that cover the route chosen for the transportation of goods.
  • Controls and monitors the operations corresponding to the international logistics chain in each shipment.
  • Verifies the packaging for entry by air or sea, noting if it is flimsy or unsafe, to take appropriate measures.
  • Provides advice for the identification, if necessary, of a customs broker when the goods arrive at the destination.
  • Defines the restrictions to be met for customs to release the client’s goods.



Freight Forwarder in Mexico

Having a reliable freight forwarder in Mexico will speed up the whole process, make it more effective, and at the same time allow it to be less costly. These are fundamental aspects of a successful business expansion strategy, especially when dealing with companies that are far away, such as Asian companies.

The Mexican market is one of the most important in the international system, as reported by the World Bank and the Mexican Bank, which places this country in 12th place in the world, both as an importer and exporter. In addition, with a population of close to 130 million people, there is no doubt that it is one of the economies in which many foreign companies want to participate.

However, as already mentioned, the most convenient way to transport goods safely, quickly, and with a convenient cost-profit ratio is to have a reliable freight forwarder in Mexico that provides all the necessary logistic services. This is precisely what Hier Logistic Group offers, a Freight Forwarder that provides the following services:

  • Collection of the products at the exporter’s or seller’s warehouses.
  • Advise on legal matters to ensure compliance with all legal requirements in customs matters, and even advise on the need for a customs broker to comply with the necessities for the release of the goods.
  • International Inland Freight, both sea (FCL LCL cargo), air, and land (FTL and LTL).
  • Import customs clearance in the destination country.
  • Inland delivery freight.
  • Export customs clearance.
  • Route planning to carry the goods through the best means of transportation, taking into account speed and economy.
  • Performance reports adapted to each client.
  • The capacity of analysis and advice for the care of the merchandise.
  • Goods insurance services, road custody, and use of strategically located warehouses, among others.

Final Thoughts

In Hier Logistic Group we provide all the necessary support to guide and comply with the entire process of entry of products into the Mexican market.

We offer solutions to different problems that may arise, such as the lack of import license of a client, and advice on procedures before the Tax Administration (SAT), we also take advantage of our alliances with Freight Forwarders from Asia and other countries to facilitate the processes of our customers.

In short, our goal is to ensure that each client succeeds in importing or exporting successfully.

We make the transportation of your products a safe, fast, and profitable experience, crossing the Pacific Ocean has never been so easy! If you need a Freight Forwarder in Mexico, contact us.



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