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Quality and efficiency at a fair price.

Hier Logistic Group is one of the leading suppliers in Mexico of end-to-end supply chain solutions. We combine intercontinental air transport and maritime transport with comprehensive value-added logistics services and supply chain services.

Our specialists will advise you at all times and in all stages of the logistics and operation process, providing openness and availability of negotiation with access to highly competitive rates thanks to our consolidated relationships with the main and most prestigious shipping companies and in the market.

We offer the flexibility to handle the part of the transportation logistics service that is most convenient for you, from a simple transport or storage to complex logistics operations. We optimize all activities around information, material, and financial flow.

We provide end-to-end globally integrated solutions tailored to the supply chain management needs of our clients with a special commitment to the specific requirements of the industry.


We advise you and make aware of the restrictions and procedures that must be fulfilled before customs in Mexico and other countries to avoid any unforeseen or unnecessary expenses.

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We offer services of labeling, palletizing, loading and unloading maneuvers, container collection in port and vacuum delivery, receipt of goods and distribution.

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Due to its flexibility and versatility, maritime transport is the best way to move large volumes of goods in bulk or in containers between two geographically distant points.

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Air transport is vital for the flow and control of international logistics operations and is the fastest way to send goods from one place to another geographically distant.

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We offer services from the main cities of Mexico to and from: E.U., Canada and Central America. The service is offered for both large and small volumes.

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We carry out the legal process of entry or exit of your merchandise in all the customs of Mexico: Border, Port, and Airport.

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Efective Solutions

Regardless of the size of your company, our experience in delivering complex logistics solutions to the supply chains of some of the largest companies in the world will bring you benefits.

Our solutions will support you in your international trade operations whether it is a simple extension of air or sea transport services, of a warehouse service; or if the creation of a new integrated supply chain model is required.

Experience and service attitude

You will find the Hier Logistic Group team always ready to deliver and demonstrate their passion for our logistics solutions in support of your business.

Each of our solutions adds to the richness of our experience and increases our competence and credibility.


We know that your products have great value and importance for your business and that in a long process there may be unforeseen events, that’s why we have merchandise insurance for boarding, road custody and in case of loss we accompany our clients in the claim process of insurance from start to finish.


We monitor and coordinate exhaustively the shipment tracking, collect all the necessary, correct and timely documentation, communicate and continuously report the status of the operation and above all we emphasize personalized and continuous attention for each of our customers.


The Hier Logistic Group expert team is ready to deliver and demonstrate their passion for our integrated logistics solutions in support of your business, providing advice and security at all times, and in all stages of the process.