Warehouse Services

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Warehouse Services

As part of our warehouse services we:

  • Collect the container in port and the maneuvers of loading and unloading the merchandise for storage.
  • Carry out the labeling and palletizing of the loads to achieve uniformity and ease of handling.
  • Protect the merchandise and the distribution of it.
  • Finally we deliver the empty containers in port.

We combine transport execution, warehouse services and logistics operations.

We take care of your shipment from the collection in the country of origin to the delivery in the destination country. In this way you see only one company; Hier Logistic Group, that will handle each and every one of the agents involved in the process: Customs agents, shipping companies, airlines, road transporters, warehouse companies, etc.

Through our comprehensive international logistics services, we offer our customers a complete service of quality and personalized attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Do you still have open questions?

This depends on the type of freight that is contracted and the type of product that is transported. Example: 1 container of 40 ‘Shanghai – Manzanillo with a cost of USD $ 1500, can be hired by someone who transports dishwasher fibers with a value of USD $ 5000, can be hired by a customer that transports thousands of USB cables with a value USD $ 100,000.00. The freight is the same but the first customer pays a much higher freight percentage than the second.

You have to consider that at least you have to document 4 days before the departure date.

The advantage is that the cost is low. And the disadvantage is that it travels consolidated with another container, so the delivery can take from 2 to 4 days.

We know that your products have great value and importance for your business and that in a long process there may be unforeseen events, that’s why we have insurance for shipping goods, custody of roads and in case of loss we accompany our customers in the insurance claim process from beginning to end.

We offer a free analysis of import and export costs and feasibility, prior to carrying out the import or export operation. Do not risk importing or exporting a product for the first time without knowing exactly how much your total import and export process will cost. Our experts do that analysis to avoid any unforeseen or unnecessary expense. Here you can see other value-added logistics services that we offer.


We know that your products have great value and importance for your business and that in a long process there may be unforeseen events, that’s why we have merchandise insurance for boarding, road custody and in case of loss we accompany our clustomers in the claim process of insurance from start to finish.


We monitor and coordinate exhaustively the shipment tracking, collect all the necessary, correct and timely documentation, communicate and continuously report the status of the operation and above all we emphasize personalized and continuous attention for each of our customers.


The Hier Logistic Group expert team is ready to deliver and demonstrate their passion for our integrated logistics solutions in support of your business, providing advice and security at all times, and in all stages of the process.