Seven considerations before choosing a logistics provider

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Seven considerations before choosing a logistics provider

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“Have you ever asked yourself: What are the things to consider before choosing a logistics provider? Here are the most important criteria.”


The choice of a logistics provider today went from being a purely operational matter to having a more strategic role. Companies see logistics as a factor that differentiates them from their competitors because of the opportunity to close the gap between the company and the consumer.

In recent years, logistics has begun to play an indispensable role within the companies’ strategies to meet the demands of their customers.

For this reason, it is necessary to consider some very useful criteria for selecting a logistics provider, which will make the difference between a good service and the best business partner in logistics.

Benefits of international logistics services

Today, having good international logistics services means medium and long term benefits for companies. Merchandise storage, distribution, and transportation are fundamental aspects for the growth of an organization, which allows it to offer a first-class service, lower costs and improve the quality of each process.

Therefore, having an adequate logistics provider allows the company to focus its priorities and resources on its business objectives and to delegate the logistics functions to third parties specialized in developing that function.

In this way, it is possible:

  • Optimize processes and generate new customers.
  • Automate business processes.
  • Improve distribution planning through faster, more efficient and higher quality deliveries.

What are the most important criteria for selecting a logistics provider?

To make the right choice, you should analyze each logistics provider profile, taking into consideration some criteria that will help you select the most appropriate one according to your company’s needs. To do this, do not forget to evaluate:

1.- Rates

The first point to take into consideration when choosing a logistics service provider is related to its rates at the national and international levels. It is important to have a logistics partner that offers competitive prices versus quality service.

Within this section, the ideal is not to go for the cheapest option, but for the one that offers the best quality-price ratio. Likewise, always keep in mind that in the end “cheap is expensive”.

2.- Experience in logistics according to the nature of your goods

A very important parameter when choosing one option or another within the different logistics providers. It is essential to choose a company that has the experience and that adapts to the typology of your product.

To do this, it is important that you value aspects such as types of packages, weight, volume, delivery times, handling, the fragility of the goods and other elements that you consider relevant for your products. This will help you choose the most suitable option within the range of variables available on the market.

3.- Mastering the logistics chain

The supplier you choose must be able to master all the elements that make up the logistics chain, from production, consolidation, loading, and unloading, shipping, delivery times and, above all, meet the demands of your customers.

So be very careful when evaluating these aspects within the profile of the suppliers that you consider for your company, as they will be a guarantee that the products will be delivered quickly and safely to their destination.

4.- Adaptability

One of the most important criteria for selecting a logistics provider is its ability to respond to your company’s logistics needs in a timely, sustainable manner.

For this reason, assessing whether your supplier is capable of following the same ethical and professional line and sharing the business values of your company is decisive and highly valued in a market as competitive as the current logistics market.

5.- Security and coverage

The security of your merchandise is an invaluable aspect. That is why having a logistics partner who watches over the safety of each product and guarantees its delivery in optimum conditions is a determining factor in the choice.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have coverage services against unforeseen events during the transfer of the goods. It is known that risks within logistics are always present, so agents must have insurance policies.

These insurances must be able to cover all the damages suffered, guarantee the replacement of the goods and have effective claim systems that guarantee the tranquility of the company and its clients.

6.- Communication and customer service

Communication within logistics is essential to ensure transparency in each shipment. Therefore, it is important to have a supplier that offers total visibility of each shipment through tools that allow tracking of each product, access to PODs, among others.

Also, to be able to combine the company’s system with that of the supplier in order to work together. In addition, they allow minimizing errors in the transmission of information, guaranteeing the correct logistic processes.

7.- Technology and continuous improvement

In order to have the best logistics provider, it is not enough to offer quality, it is necessary that it is in continuous improvement in order to improve the services it offers. Therefore, choosing a logistics company that has an innovative profile, adapted to the latest trends in the sector and constantly training its staff is the best option.

However, technology within the logistics sector is a fundamental complement to speed up processes and improve effectiveness. So if one of your logistics options is at the technological forefront of the sector, it may be the ideal ally.

Through these aspects that you should take into account when analyzing the profile of logistics providers, you can effectively choose the ideal alliance to meet the needs of your company and continue its growth.

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