Six steps for Importing Goods into Mexico

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Six steps for Importing Goods into Mexico

Posted by: Patricia Carrillo
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The new international buyer must review not only the price of the product he is going to buy but also a series of points that are important for him/her to buy from a reliable company, the product with the quality he wants and above all that at the end the process is profitable for his business. Here are six recommendations that will surely help you.

In our day-to-day work as an International Freight Forwarder, we continually receive calls from customers who bought merchandise abroad to bring it to Mexico and do not know where it is, when their product will arrive or in which customs it is detained.

The import process from start to finish

Many people think it is just a matter of transporting the merchandise from the country where they bought it to Mexico. They trust their supplier who told them he would deliver to their country but did not give them any more information.

The costs of other services required to import their products have taken them by surprise and customs is requesting permits that take time to process, increasing storage costs and reducing the profitability of the operation with each day the merchandise spends inside the Customs Warehouse.

For your import to be successful it is important to have from the beginning a clear understanding of all the points of the process, the costs, and the time it will take all the journey. This will give you peace of mind and certainty of how, when, and where you will receive your merchandise and if the effort of bringing it to Mexico is a business that really suits you.

Six steps to make your imports profitable and successful

Therefore, we have created this small guide with six steps to make your import process as clear and profitable as possible for you.

Step 1. The product to buy

You must know the product very well to know exactly what to ask the seller, manufacturer, or producer. Ask yourself what it will be used for and what materials it should be made of to fulfill that function.

Step. 2 Work on your sales plan so that you also determine your purchasing plan.

An international purchase can take many days or weeks, depending on the country you are in and the means of transportation used to transport it. So in order not to fail your customers, you must know how often you should buy.

Step 3. Know your seller

It is important to know that you are dealing with a reliable company. So you have to make sure that it is a company registered in their country. Find out the size of the company, what kind of products it sells, and the quality of the product you are buying.

Step 4. Legal requirements for your product to be imported into Mexico

When your product arrives in Mexico, it must go through a customs process and pay the corresponding taxes to SAT, so you must check if there is any procedure or permit that you must take into consideration before your merchandise arrives at Customs.

Step 5. Responsibilities of the seller and the buyer on the transportation of the goods (INCOTERMS)

One of the points to negotiate with the seller is where the goods should be delivered to you, either from his warehouse or to your warehouse. And here it is important to keep in mind other factors, such as how much you want to have control over the transportation of your goods.

Would you leave that control in the hands of your foreign supplier who does not know the regulations in Mexico, or do you have a good Freight Forwarder that you hire to take care of your merchandise and the process?

Step 6. Make sure you have all costs considered

Identify all the transportation, customs, and service costs that you are going to pay until your merchandise arrives at your warehouse. This way, you will determine the real total cost of importing your goods and whether or not the business will be profitable.

Use services and consulting from expert suppliers

A buyer must select the right and reliable supplier, determine the best route and means of transportation for the project, make the necessary arrangements in advance to cross customs, and calculate all expenses on time to identify the business’s profitability.

Approach an expert capable of guiding you properly. The best buyer of goods or of the services you will require in the process is the one who is well informed to make a good team with your international freight forwarder.

Contact us today, we can help you through the entire process of importing goods into Mexico.

Author: Patricia Carrillo
CEO Hier Logistic Group International Logistics Expert

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