The importance of logistics consultancy in companies

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The importance of logistics consultancy in companies

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Logistics Consulting
Logistics Consulting

Good logistics allows companies to reduce their costs by making their processes more efficient, become more competitive, offer better service to their customers and generally obtain better results for their business.

Due to this, companies look for the support of other companies that can provide them with logistics consulting to face business challenges from a more strategic point of view.

The role of logistics consulting

Although it is believed that consulting, in general, is applied to other administrative and operational processes of a company and not to logistics, the two sectors have great compatibility.

One of the primary functions of logistics consulting is to act as an external change agent to help companies analyze operational processes and systems to identify and resolve problems in activities that delay operation or are not fully optimized with the ultimate goal of improving the supply chain and operation.

Is logistics consulting important for companies?

From any point of view, consulting within companies is important. Mainly because of the need to have a global and specialized vision of your business, its needs and to be able to apply integral solutions that improve each stage of the supply chain.

Through specialized data analysis, it is possible to optimize the supply chain, design better infrastructure to increase productivity, provide support to operations and of course, specialized logistics advice for more effective and strategic decision making. All to increase profitability.

What objectives should you consider when hiring the services of logistics consulting for your company?

Logistics Consultant

The partnership with a logistics consultant should bring about the achievement of certain objectives that allow the growth and operational improvement of your company in each sector. Among the different goals that can be set when hiring the services of a logistics consultant can be mentioned:

  • Increase the productivity of the departments within the company.
  • Develop competencies and skills that allow for business growth (leadership, self-management, collaboration, among others).
  • Apply cutting-edge technological solutions to the supply chain.
  • Reduce logistics costs without affecting customer service.
  • Increase safety and quality to face logistical challenges.
  • Improve the capacity to respond effectively to a logistical crisis
  • Growth in coverage or presence of points of sale or distribution.
  • Promote negotiation with suppliers and customers.
  • Optimize the budget and investment capital, as well as the flow of funds.
  • Transform the supply chain to improve competitive quality.

What are the key points to consider for a successful logistics consultancy?

Before considering a logistics consultancy, it is important to have defined the points to be improved and the objectives to be achieved once the consultancy is carried out. Thus, it will be easier to focus efforts to the maximum during the study.

In this way, it can be simplified into three simple points for a successful logistics consultancy:

  1. Define what you want to achieve. To do this, it is necessary to take into consideration the object of improvement or the objectives to be achieved, whether it is improvements in the supply chain, customer service, process optimization, supplier relations, shipment improvements or any other aspect that is considered necessary.
  2. What will be the consultant’s involvement? To guarantee the success of the consultancy, the scope that the person or company in charge of the consultancy will have must be defined. In this way, the professional will be able to dedicate himself totally to improve the necessary point or points without having to digress among other aspects that end up generating losses of time and resources.
  3. How committed am I as a company? Regardless of which project is carried out, it is necessary to have a 100% commitment to guarantee its success. Thus, you must have and use all your human and material resources to develop the project.

Stages of a company’s logistics consultancy

Performing an effective logistics consultancy in a company requires following certain steps to ensure effective results. These can be divided into four stages:

  1. Diagnosis: In this stage, an analysis is made to identify the expectations that the company has and which are the problems it faces. Here it is possible to know, build or strengthen those logistic processes that need attention from the company.
  2. The consultant’s participation: The person in charge of developing the consultancy must establish goals and objectives, always according to the results obtained in the diagnosis stage. In addition, he or she must identify the company’s competencies, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  3. Intervention: It is time to propose solutions and an internal and external action plan for the company in such a way that the previously determined strategic objectives are guaranteed.
  4. Follow-up: Once the three previous steps have been applied, it is necessary to maintain a supervision and evaluation process to keep track of all the results that are generated and to know if what has been applied is on track or needs to be corrected.

The logistics consultancy process for a company is more than just a review and management process. It is a win-win relationship, where the consultant becomes a strategic partner of the company that will allow it to improve its performance and increase its growth possibilities by increasing the effectiveness and profitability of each process.

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