Who is responsible if my goods are damaged in transit?

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Who is responsible if my goods are damaged in transit?

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No one is exempt from suffering a loss of their merchandise when it is on its way to its destination. Knowing the terms under which the transportation service was contracted is fundamental to face an unfortunate event like this. That is why clarity in all phases of the project is essential to calculate the risks and seek to have profitable import or export projects.

In this article, we will learn whose responsibility it is when unfortunately an accident happens to our precious merchandise.

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Who is responsible for the goods during a loss?

Unfortunately, accidents happen in any means of transport, as well as theft or loss of goods.

At first, we can identify two possible responsible parties that could be held liable when an accident happens: The seller or the buyer.

It is logical to think that neither of these parties is responsible for the fire, theft, accident, or loss that occurred, however; we must start from this assumption to begin to take care of the problem.

The way in which responsibilities between these two first persons can be delimited, is the “Incoterms“, that as mentioned in the article How to calculate the import expenses of my products? In the invoice of sale of the merchandise, the Incoterm that was agreed upon is mentioned. With what is stipulated in the Incoterm, the supplier indicates the extent to which he commits to deliver the goods to the buyer, and that is the extent of his responsibility.  What happens thereafter is a matter for the buyer.

Once it has been defined whether the buyer or the seller is primarily responsible, the responsible person should start reviewing this issue with the supplier in charge of the service in which the loss occurred.

Pay attention to the carrier’s liability limits.

Note that carriers are protected by law with liability limits, generally by weight of the merchandise, regardless of the value of the merchandise. Because they usually charge by space or weight. For example, someone transporting brooms pays the same freight for a specific route and space as someone transporting cell phones.

Even the carrier may charge for the damage suffered by your means of transportation, so it is best to always be covered with a freight insurance policy, which usually cost less than 1% of the value of the goods and above all, that you have worked with a good Freight Forwarder who does not leave you alone and what on the contrary, guide you in this process.

Protect your investment

Quote your transportation services and insurance policies with Hier Logistic Group, who will guide you step by step so that both the insurance and the procedure for the handling of your merchandise is done correctly and you do not lose your investment in case of a loss in the way of your merchandise.

I invite you to request a free quote and evaluation of all the expenses you will incur before starting your import project so you can have a safe and profitable business. Contact us for more information.

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